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NHS Lanarkshire

 Signed 2 months ago

We have committed to implement a digital health and care strategy, this will include the development of our staff to support digital transformation across Health and Social Care.  Read more

South Ayrshire Council

 Signed 3 months ago

We are always looking to take advantage of new technology to deliver modern and efficient services and will support our employees in these new ways of working. As part of this, we will create a survey that will be distributed to all employees, to gai…  Read more

Digital Scotland

 Signed 3 months ago

Digital Scotland will pioneer a number of technology empowerment initiatives to aid Scottish citizens and businesses to participate more richly in the Digital Economy.  Read more

Our Connected Neighbourhoods

 Signed 3 months ago

The Digital Strand of OCN focuses on the use of digital technology within the context of establishing a dementia friendly community. This will include the direct use of digital technologies by project members and assessing the role that digital techn…  Read more

The Ripple Project

 Signed 3 months ago

The Ripple commits to working with local people to understand the impact on them of a digital by default approach in accessing services and then provide support to meet any skills gaps or needs through the organisations and volunteers so that local…  Read more

Won Connect

 Signed 3 months ago

To continue to work towards the above goals by developing our skills, building contacts with like minded organisations and passing information on. We will promote the use of technology and digital media to our learners and provide provide resources f…  Read more

Scottish Borders Social Enterprise Chamber CIC

 Signed 3 months ago

We are an online centre and are committed to ensuring that we help all our people to be able to access digital learning, skills development and that we ensure that the digital skills of our region continue to develop.  Read more

The Broomhouse Centre

 Signed 3 months ago

We believe in digital opportunity for all; for individuals, groups and communities. We will provide access to the right skills when they are needed using our networks to help as many people as we can  Read more

Apex Scotland

 Signed 3 months ago

We will honour the 5 pledges and ensure that all our staff and volunteers are capable and committed to ensuring they follow the 5 pledges too  Read more

Sensory Impaired Support Group (S.I.S.G.)

 Signed 3 months ago

We make the commitment to aid our client group better manage their digital hearing aids and related support equipment that aid them with their quality of life and reduce isolation and loneliness  Read more