Our Pledges illustration


“Our plan is to continue adding digital into all that we do, and to continue upskilling our tutors and staff: the online world can offer so much to people if they know how to access it.”

Lairg and District Learning Centre


“In designing the project people told us early on that they didn’t want training. They wanted friendly help with the things they wanted to do – not a course.”

Glenn Liddal


“The needs of our communities have been at the forefront and a flexible and adaptable approach has been critical to encourage long term application of digital skills gained.”

Aaliya Seyal


“With 90% of employers now looking for candidates to have basic digital skills and new online systems such as Universal Credit, the need to provide support to go digital has never been more crucial.”

Megan Duffy


“So, what are we collectively going to do to help make Scotland a fairer society for everyone?”

Sally Dyson


“Charities and public services have a responsibility to support their clients to gain the skills that they need for our modern digital world.”

Beth Mukushi