Won Connect

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Third Sector category: Community, Social or Economic Development

Organisation statement:

Won Connect is a registered social enterprise based in Glasgow. We are tackling social isolation and loneliness through IT and digital media participation. We deliver a programme to empower older people and socially isolated individuals with information and companionship by solving everyday needs through Technology and Digital Media. Our objectives are to reduce social isolation, improve connectivity with peers, family, friends and enrich the quality of life of older and socially isolated people. Importantly, to raise awareness and understanding of how to protect their devices, data, and finance from fraud and abuse online.

Commitment to digital participation:

To continue to work towards the above goals by developing our skills, building contacts with like minded organisations and passing information on. We will promote the use of technology and digital media to our learners and provide provide resources for them.

Support offered:

We use various handout and website resources to aid and support learning. We provide access to computers for people older people and socially isolated individuals in community centres and at home. We offer training to gain digital skills for our learners.

Support wanted:

Access to suitable training materials, networking and funding. We need resources to develop our training course and to employ trainer so as to make this service available to our community.