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The Wise Group

 Signed 11 days ago

We will encourage the people of Glasgow to develop their digital skill by delivering learning to communities and particularly to those people who have been marginalised in the digital era. We will drive the use of digital skills by ensuring people ar…  Read more

Team Jak Foundation

 Signed 2 months ago

To ensure we upskill all our staff and give our families digital opportunities within Jak's Den and provide support through online vessels also  Read more

Partick Housing Association Ltd

 Signed 2 months ago

We have joined the Digital Champions Network cohort in the West of Scotland and are currently developing a Digital Participation Action Plan. We will continue to promote tenant participation and community activities, and incorporate digital aspects…  Read more

West of Scotland Rotary Club

 Signed 2 months ago

To encourage all our Rotarians to become more digitally aware; to encourage others in the community, with whom we interact, to become more digitally aware.  Read more

West Of Scotland Regional Equality Council

 Signed 2 months ago

We will commit to ensuring that our staff & volunteers have the opportunity to develop essential digital skills. We will continue to support our staff & volunteers to help others learn essential digital skills.  Read more

Abilitynet Scotland

 Signed 2 months ago

We are committed to assisting our clients and organisations use technology to learn basic skills and upskill organisations.  Read more

Roma Life CIC

 Signed 2 months ago

We are seeking to expand access to our digital IT suites where Roma people in Govanhill can be supported with benefits, employment, housing or connecting with distant friends/family.  Read more

The Aberdeen Clinic

 Signed 2 months ago

We commit to ensuring that our staff have the opportunity to develop their digital skills and will support them in achieving this by providing tools and training.  Read more

Whiteinch Centre Ltd

 Signed 3 months ago

We will commit to proving the best access to digital inclusion services and promote positive engagement for our community members.  Read more

Lightbulb Arts

 Signed 3 months ago

We aim to empower individuals by providing relaxed friendly lessons on how to use everyday devices and by doing so help develop independence and confidence.  Read more