Glasgow Life

 Signed 5 years ago

Public Sector category: Local Government

Organisation statement:

Glasgow Life (Culture and Sport Glasgow) is a charity set up by Glasgow City Council to manage its cultural and sporting services. Our mission is to inspire the people of Glasgow and its visitors to lead richer and more active lives through participation in culture and sport, and to get the most out of the city.

Glasgow Life has been supported by the Charter Fund


 Funding provided 2 years ago

Digi4al will offer digital learning opportunities at our community day clubs for the first time. Adults who attend our community day clubs have varying degrees of additional support need including those with mental health issues, dementia and some with physical disabilities. Glasgow has the highest… Read more

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Supported staff CPD in web based technologies

 Funding provided 4 years ago

The project will support a six month Digital Internship post which will create a mentored online learning resource for frontline staff working with client groups least likely to have basic digital skills and access. The content is based on the ’23 Things’ approach originally developed for Informatio… Read more

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