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What works in tackling digital exclusion?

In August 2017 SCVO published the findings of a review of the 127 local Digital Participation Charter Fund projects which have been supported over the past three years, together with a literature review on digital exclusion carried out by the University of the West of Scotland. These reports give an insight into the current picture of digital exclusion across Scotland, as well as lessons learned on successful interventions. The full documents are available to download below:

Other key reports

Exploring the UK’s digital divide (2019)
This article explores the scale of digital exclusion in the UK and its impact, the characteristics and circumstances of those who are not currently using the internet, how internet use and digital skills vary for different groups of the population and barriers to digital inclusion.
Switched On (2019)
Switched On brings together recent research and evidence about key issues related to digital inclusion, with a particular focus on children and young people. Digital access is complex picture with multiple factors driving, compounding and impacting those who are included or excluded.
Motivational barriers of non-users of the internet (2019)
This report is the summary of findings concluded from research into the reasons why people do not engage with the internet to help us understand the motivational barriers of non-users of the internet.
Digital participation and disability (2017)
Digital participation among adults with disabilities is lower than it is among the general population. These findings from People Know How suggest that there are four main barriers keeping people with disabilities from participating digitally.
People, Power and Technology: The 2018 Digital Understanding Report
This report sets out a model for digital understanding that looks beyond digital skills to what it is people need to be able to understand about the impact of tech on their lives as individuals, consumers, workers and members of society.
Disconnected: Understanding Digital Inclusion and Improving Access
Citizens Advice Scotland's research shows there is a risk that people without sufficient access to the internet, or skills to engage with digital content, will be left out. In some instances, this can be to the detriment of their basic and fundamental rights.
Digitally Savvy Citizens
Digital Savvy Citizens presents new research data which looks at where we find information on breaking news stories and local services; how we use public wifi; and how we manage privacy and security settings on our phones.
Digital Exclusion Heatmap
The Get Digital Heatmap show the likelihood of digital exclusion across the UK at Local Authority level.
Lloyds Banking Group – Consumer Digital Index (2018)
Statistics across the UK in relation to each of the five basic digital skills.
Bridging the Digital Divide: Measuring the progress of digital inclusion amongst Scottish CAB clients – Citizens Advice Scotland (2016)
A third of CAB clients find themselves digitally excluded. The report discusses some of the key challenges and makes a number of recommendations designed to help increase the uptake of the internet and computers.
Digital Participation And Social Justice In Scotland – Carnegie UK Trust (2016)
An analysis of digital exclusion and deprivation in Scotland.
Digital Participation in Action – SCVO (2015)
A report setting out the scale of the digital participation challenge in Scotland, what SCVO is doing about it and how you can get involved.
Health & Digital – Good Things Foundation (2016)
An evaluation of a three-year programme exploring the crossover between those who are digitally excluded and those who are at risk of poor health.
Smartphone by default' internet users – Ofcom (2016)
This qualitative research report focuses on those who conduct the vast majority of their online activities through their smartphone - either through choice or due to external factors limiting their access to alternative devices.

Other evidence

Social Justice in the Digital Age - The Centre for Social Justice (2017)

Access and inclusion report - Ofcom (2017)

Communications Market Reports / Media Literacy / Telecoms Data reports - Ofcom (2017)

Go On Local Pilots Report - doteveryone (2017)

Adults' media use and attitudes - Ofcom (2016)

Digital inclusion - Age UK (2016)

There’s no place like phone - Deloitte (2016)

Digital scoreboard reports - European Commission (2016)

Digital Skills Report - House of Commons Science and Technology Committee (2016)

Digital Inclusion in Housing - Housing Technology (2016)

HMRC & Digital Inclusion - Good Things Foundation (2016)

Literature Review: Digital Skills for the Hardest to Reach - Good Things Foundation (2016)

Reboot UK Findings - Good Things Foundation (2016)

Stories from the Digital Divide - Quarriers working with Glasgow Centre for Inclusive Living (2016)

Internet access in Great Britain: 2016 - Office for National Statistics (2016)

Information Behaviours of Disadvantages Youth - University of Strathclyde (2016)

Digital inclusion - Age UK (2013)