Organisation statement:

Yorcoms offers a uniquely developed ecosystem of digital products and services to the Supported/Independent Living and Care sectors. This includes communications and managed services, SMART assisted living and digital care , SMART security, SMART health, SMART monitoring, public WiFi (YorWiFi), and our innovative "Yorbl" tablet solution. We can also provide advice on digital transformation, digital engagement and digital inclusion.

Commitment to digital participation:

One of our core, driving beliefs is that of all the uses technology can be put to, the improvement of people's lives has to be the most important.

As both a provider of free, high-speed wireless broadband to people and communities across the UK, as well as a supplier of innovative assisted living technology to supported living and care schemes, we also see ourselves as being a fundamental part of the communities our networks operate in.

As such, we want to affirm our commitment to working with these communities and commit to doing everything we can to ensure they have what they need to fully benefit from digital technology.

Support offered:

Yorcoms offers a range of services and products in Scotland and across the UK. These include, but are not limited to:

  • Advice and support on how organisations, particularly in the Social Housing and Care sectors, can approach issues surrounding digital transformation, digital engagement, and digital inclusion.

  • Cost-effective options for providing people and organisations with free wireless broadband to help ensure everyone has the opportunity to be online.

  • Our Smart Living Hub and Yorbl tablet, which are designed to not only help support independent care but which also facilitate digital engagement, as well as digital and social inclusion.

  • Our award-winning, 'Going All Inclusive' digital inclusion programme methodology for organisations who want to ensure their digital inclusion programme is successful.