Transacting illustration

4 Transacting

Register and apply for services, but and sell goods and services and administer and manage transactions online

  • Skills for life

    • I can set up an account online using appropriate websites or apps that enable me to buy goods or services
    • I can access and use public services online, including filling in forms
    • I can use different payment systems, such as credit / debit card, direct bank transfer, and phone accounts, to make payments for goods or services online
    • I can upload documents and photographs when this is required to complete an online transaction
    • I can fill in online forms when required to complete an online transaction
    • I can manage my money and transactions online and securely, such as my bank, through the use of websites or apps.
  • Additional skills for work

    • I can complete digital records for absence, holidays or expenses online
    • I can access salary and expenses information digitally including password protected payslips.