Safety illustration

6 Being safe and legal online

  • Skills for life and work

    • I understand the risks and threats involved in carrying out activities online and the importance of working securely
    • I understand that viruses can damage my computer and that security software should be used to prevent this
    • I understand that my online activity produces a permanent record which could be accessed by others and used both now and in the future
    • I understand that others can capture and use my data and that I can protect and secure my personal data against such threats through privacy settings
    • I understand that I must not share other people’s data online without their consent
    • I can respond to requests for authentication for my online accounts and email
    • I keep the information I use to access my online accounts secure, using different and secure passwords for websites and accounts
    • I can set privacy settings on my social media and other accounts
    • I can identify secure websites by looking for the padlock and https in the address bar
    • I can recognise suspicious links in email, websites, social media messages and pop ups and know that clicking on these links or downloading unfamiliar attachments could put me and my computer at risk
    • I understand why it is important to keep my computer systems and security software up to date and I allow them to be updated when prompted
    • I understand why I cannot take and use content (images and documents from the web) that belongs to others without their permission because I know that online material is subject copyright and intellectual property legislation
    • I make sure that any information or content is backed up frequently by making a copy and storing it separately either in the cloud or on an external storage device