Handling information and content illustration

3 Handling information and content

Find, manage and store digital information and content securely

  • Skills for life

    • I understand that not all online information and content that I see is reliable
    • I can evaluate what information or content may, or may not, be reliable
    • I can use search engines to find information and make general use of search terms to generate better results
    • I can use bookmarks to save and retrieve information on my web browser
    • I can access information and content from different devices
    • I understand that the cloud is a way that I can store information and content in a remote location
    • I can organise my information and content using files and folders on my device or on the cloud
    • I can use the internet to legally access content for entertainment including films, music, games and books
  • Additional skills for work

    • I understand the conform with my organisation’s policy for IT use
    • I can synchronise and share information across different devices including computers, tablets and mobile phones