Communicating illustration

2 Communicating

Communicate, collaborate and share

  • Skills for life

    • I understand the importance of communicating securely
    • I can set up an email account
    • I can communicate with others digitally using email and other messaging Apps
    • I can use word processing applications to create documents
    • I can share documents with others by attaching them to an email
    • I can communicate with friends and family using video tools
    • I can post messages, photographs, videos or blogs on social media platforms
  • Additional skills for work

    • I understand and conform to my organisation’s IT and social media policies
    • I can comply with my organisation’s security protocols when accessing my email or working remotely
    • I can communicate in an appropriate way for my organisation by using email, online and collaborative digital tools.
    • I can use digital collaboration tools to meet with, share and collaborate with colleagues
    • I can use professional online networks and communities