Willowacre Trust - West of Scotland Housing Association

Organisation statement:

As a charitable subsidiary of West of Scotland Housing Association, Willowacre Trust supports the delivery of services and projects which seek to improve the lives of WSHA tenants and communities.

Commitment to digital participation:

Willowacre Trust explicitly commits to taking action to develop a strong digital participation infrastructure within our communities. This action will be underpinned by developing a Digital Participation Strategy.

Support offered:

To proactively support, promote, develop and deliver Digital Participation initiatives. Promote the delivery of meaningful digital participation activities which support Willowacre Trust /West of Scotland Housing Association tenants to access online services. Work directly with communities and partner organisations to develop and implement digital support projects

Support wanted:

Establish strategic relationships with partner organisations to assist with the delivery of community-lead digital participation initiatives

Third Sector category: Community, Social or Economic Development

Website: www.westscot.co.uk