Thurso Community Development Trust

Organisation statement:

Thurso Community Development Trust is committed to community led sustainable development and regeneration of Thurso. Thurso is the most northern town on the Scottish Mainland holding a wealth of cultural and natural heritage. Our organisation is committed to promoting this and responding to identified community needs for Thurso both now and in the future.

Commitment to digital participation:

Thurso Community Development Trust makes the commitment to embed digital participation in the work that we do. All future staff, volunteers and our wider community will be encouraged and supported by Thurso Community Development Trust in accessing and use of digital media to improve both services in the town and access to those by the public.
We commit to using sourcing and using training to enable our community to have digital skills equipping them to make full usage of digital facilities to raise their aspirations and increase community capacity.

Support offered:

We will provide a focal point for the dissemination of information. We aim to increase capacity within community groups acting as an anchor organisation to increase their digital presence and capacity to reach the community. Through a range of projects we will provide routes to increasing people's digital skills and reducing their fear and mistrust of the internet working towards making Thurso a vibrant and inclusive place to live.

Support wanted:

We have a need to increase capacity and aspiration within the community to encourage active participation of community members.

Third Sector category: Community, Social or Economic Development



Thurso Community Development Trust