The Zone Initiative Ltd

Organisation statement:

We are a multifunctional training, support and child care social enterprise. We deliver a range of training, education, supported employment, work experience, recreational, social activities and out of school care services across the community with the aim of empowering individuals with skills & confidence to improve life chances and opportunitiesVision: To improve the quality of life for the children & young people of the Doon Valley area.

Mission: To provide facilities for better education, variety of training and more employment opportunities ,creative play and recreation and other leisure time occupation for young people in the Doon Valley area which will improve the conditions of life for such people by promoting their physical, spiritual and mental wellbeing

Commitment to digital participation:

We have a fully functional digital IT suite that is open to the local community people have the ability to gain access to digital technology, and understand how to use it creatively within our premises

Support offered:

We have a fully functional IT suite with IMACS , Windows ,Ipads and a 3D printer. We run IT courses weekly and help the community to develop their digital skills

Support wanted:

We would like to up grade our coderjo and Digital Xtra skills to allow us to pass on the knowledge to the local young people and community

Third Sector category: Community, Social or Economic Development