Sunny Govan Community Media

Organisation statement:

Sunny Govan is as much a community development organisation as a media outlet and we operate at grassroots level. We work with many other local organisations to create opportunities throughout our locality to ensure that all sections of our region are properly served.

The station's output is driven by our listeners – researched through surveys and questionnaires – and reflects the interests of the local community.

Our speech programming focuses on topics of local importance, such as social issues, health information and advice, arts & culture and local news; in our music output, we are passionate about local talent and actively promote their work and performances.

Sunny Govan serves to provide access to the airwaves for underrepresented voices in Govan. We are a diverse team; this is a key factor in our operations – we actively recruit volunteers from all social groups and believe it is our duty to be representative of our community as a whole.

Commitment to digital participation:

Sunny G is committed to increasing digital usage, particularly internet access, in our community.

We recognise that reliable, regular internet access is rapidly becoming a necessity as government agencies, utility & financial companies and retail outlets encourage clients and customers to move away from traditional methods of contact in favour of their online platforms.

Support offered:

We are currently planning a year-long social outreach program with the aim of increasing regular internet usage – particularly by those currently without internet in the home or regular access to a connected device – within our catchment area.

Material such as factsheets would be distributed across the region, principally in those locations where public WiFi is most frequently used; furthermore, we would utilise our existing alliances with specialist organisations such as the Govan Digital Hub and The Pearce Institute to produce & distribute detailed advice guides, primarily aimed at those without fixed phone lines and who may be concerned at the prospect of long-term contracts and credit checks.

Later, material distributed to those original respondents – now regularly using the internet – with the aim of encouraging them, in turn, to pass on their newly-acquired knowledge to friends and family who have yet to acquire their own regular internet access.

Support wanted:

Hardware, particularly desktops and laptops, are particularly useful to us as they allow us to increase our digital participation courses - information on sourcing such equipment at competitive rates, possibly as part of a group effort across charities and third sector groups, would be useful.

Third Sector category: Community, Social or Economic Development