Nari Kallyan Shangho Ltd

Organisation statement:

Nari Kallyan Shangho (NKS) is a health and welfare organisation working for South Asian women and their families living in Edinburgh. The vision of the organisation is to improve the quality of life for women the mission is to provide a common platform for South Asian women to act collectively to raise health and welfare issues of relevance to them. The core values adopted by NKS are of equality, democracy and participation.

The primary aim of NKS is to alleviate deprivation and isolation experienced by South Asian women and children living in Edinburgh and to promote positive health and well-being among them. Our role is to make South Asian women active citizens living in Scottish society by engaging them in various activities at NKS and by supporting to access mainly mainstream services of interest to them in Edinburgh. We believe that South Asian communities are disadvantaged and marginalized that leads to social exclusion. NKS aims to provide a range of services that would help to work towards social inclusion of South Asian women and children. The project would strive to raise women's confidence to allow them to integrate into the wider society.

Commitment to digital participation:

NKS has conducted a survey and produced a report on 'assessing the digital literacy and learning needs of South Asian women. A best practice model has been devised by conducting a pilot training.
NKS seeks to empower South Asian women through digital inclusion, as these women are facing a number of barriers to access digital literacy.

Support offered:

NKS would seek to put in practice the model devised after conducting a survey with 89 women and holding a pilot training.
The model devised will enable NKS to increase digital participation of South Asian women by up skilling in the area of digital literacy.
NKS will endeavour to train bilingual support workers as trainers in partnership with other agencies having expertise in the area of IT.

Support wanted:

  • training for bilingual support workers.
  • Course material
  • It expertise.
  • Assessing women's skills and identifying a baseline.
  • on going support to run courses for women.

Third Sector category: Community, Social or Economic Development