East Ayrshire Council

Organisation statement:

East Ayrshire is a diverse area covering some 490 square miles with a population of 122,060 spread over both urban and rural communities. The largest town, Kilmarnock, has a population of around 44,000, and 9,000 people reside in Cumnock, the second largest town. The rest of the population live in smaller communities, ranging from less than a hundred people in some villages and rural areas.

The Council is responsible for providing a range of public services. This includes: education, social care, roads and transport, economic development, housing and planning, environmental protection and waste management.

Commitment to digital participation:

The Council's Transformation Strategy was approved by Cabinet in Febriary 2018 and comprises of 6 key workstreams. Workstream 3 of the Strategy is for the Council to realise its vision of being "A Digitally Connected East Ayrshire".

Our People Strategy sets out how we will ensure that our workforce is supported and developed to deliver now and in the future.

Our commitment to both our workforce and communities to maximise the benefits of digital participation is detailed below:

• Continue to skill up our workforce by offering and providing a range of digital learning opportunities;
• Further develop 'digital champions' across our services;
• Assess the digital needs of our workforce;
• We are a member of national forums including the Scottish Local Government Digital Office and will continue to learn from good practice examples across Scotland and beyond.

Individuals / community groups / volunteers
• We will continue to skill up our communities by offering support and deliver a range of digital learning opportunities.
• We will support our volunteers by providing them with the necessary training to ensure they are confident of delivering course content;
• We will promote external resources such as GetOnline, Digital Scotland, Digital Participation Charter with our citizens in order to raise awareness of essential digital skills.

Digital participation Network
We have recently established a Digital Participation Network, bringing together a range of key partner organisations and community representatives. It is envisaged that this group will assess the digital skills gap of both communities and workplaces, bring together digital learning activities across East Ayrshire in a central location and map digital access points i.e. venues, Wi-Fi, internet access and computer access across east Ayrshire.

Support offered:

The following courses will be offered to our workforce or East Ayrshire residents over the next 12 months:

Vibrant Communities
• Assisted Digital Support
• Support Job Clubs
• ICT for employability
• Delivered in partnership with Ayrshire College
• Community Volunteers supporting individuals with very little or no skills to get online
• Provision of ICT Resources in Learning Centres
• Social Media workshops aimed at community organisations to develop their online presence
• ME2U Project - Volunteer within schools, which has ICT units within placement
• English Speakers of Other Languages (ESOL) - Continue to utilise Google Translate to interpret and communicate with Syrian Refugee Families

Create your own Family Tree

• Parent Pay - Parents who do not have access to online facilities or wish to continue to pay in cash can do so by paying through Paypoint facilities at local shops.
• Cashless catering will be provided by Nationwide Retail Systems Limited.
• Commitment from the Head of Education to use GLOW as platform for all
• Where glow solution rather than buy in package

• National Digital Learning Week sessions:
• Introducing our digital customer service platform (CSP)
• Getting the benefit of your IT Systems
• Making Outlook Work for You
• E-Learning Courses:
• Beginners Excel 2007
• Intermediate Excel 2007
• Beginners Outlook 2010
• Beginners PowerPoint 2007, 2010
• Beginners Word 2007
• Outlook Tasks
• Information Governance – Includes Cyber Awareness
• MS Office Support via Virtual Learning Academy
• Specialist certification MOS / ECDL

Planning & Economic Development (Employability Service)
The employability services support customers engaging with us on the various programmes to improve their digital skills or help complete tasks. All customers need to be referred to the service (or self-refer) and meet the eligibility criteria set by the funding bodies, SDS or ESF.

Planning & Economic Development (Modern Apprenticeships)
MA's are delivered both internally and externally, during this training the individuals are supported by the training officer to gain a Vocational Qualification, which can involve supporting their IT skills development.

Planning & Economic Development Supported Employment:
Job coaches support their clients through the Supported Employment 5 stage model to access and sustain employment, this often entails 1:1 support of IT skill development focusing on their employability needs – job search support.

Planning & Economic Development – ESF YEI – Routes to Recruitment
Focusing on those 16-29 year olds not engaged in Education, Training or Employment we offer a programme which focuses on developing administration skills, this allows customers to gain an NPA in Administration and their European Computer Driving Licence.

Planning & Economic Development - ESF Pipeline
Entry level Digital Skills training, for eligible customers, to ensure they can use email and have a basic understanding of computers and packages, this give them a British Computer Society qualification.

Support wanted:

As part of the Council's Transformation Strategy, a Digital Participation Network has been created to explore and take forward the following projects:

• Understand the essential skills gap of our workforce and communities
• Promote access to Essential Digital Skills
• Mapping of access to services i.e. Wi-Fi hotspots, access to digital learning across East Ayrshire
• Learning from Good Practice:

We would welcome any input from the Scottish Council for Voluntary Organisations or Charter signatories in supporting this network.

Public Sector category: Local Government

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