DigiTech Learning

Organisation statement:

DigiTech Learning provide cutting-edge Digital Skills training & support to schools, colleges teachers & parents. Our workshops & training sessions are closely linked to the Curriculum for Excellence enabling educators to fully prepare the next generation for their digital future.

Commitment to digital participation:

In addition to our commitment to provide specialised digital professional development opportunities to schools, DigiTech Learning are passionate about giving people of every age and stage an opportunity to develop their Digital Skills.

We are committed to working with our public, private and third sector partners throughout Scotland to support all citizens in achieving digital confidence and proficiency.

Support offered:

DigiTech Learning offer:
• Digital Skills Workshops & Training for schools, parents & the wider school-community
• Digital Challenges for young people to help nurture the development of digital skills
• Shared resources via our website & Social Media platforms related to digital skills development

Support wanted:

Opportunities to share our services outwith the school-community. This will help us to achieve our commitment to help develop digital literacy for people of all ages and stages.

Private Sector category: Education

Website: http://digitechlearning.com/

Twitter: https://twitter.com/digitechlearn

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/digitechlearn/