Digital Health & Care Institute

Organisation statement:

DHI's vision is that innovation in digital health and care will help the Scottish population to live longer and healthier lives, while creating new jobs for the economy.
We are uniquely placed in Scotland's digital health and care community. Our networks, reach and capabilities are able bring the right people together and provide them with the means to identify, design, evaluate and invest in new solutions to the country's priority health and care challenges.

Scotland's public sector, academia, charities and industry need a place to co-design digital solutions to some of our country's biggest health and care challenges. We bring these groups together, allowing them to imagine and create new services, products and new ways of working. Our unique needs-led approach is an essential link between the Scottish Government's national priorities and the wealth of talent across different sectors and communities in Scotland.

This creates opportunities for innovators, entrepreneurs and enterprises to develop proven, scalable solutions that are commercially viable for use across Scotland and can be exported to other markets. This will help push Scotland to the forefront of the growing global digital health and care economy and develop the necessary workforce, infrastructure and policies to attract investments and create new jobs.

Our work with partners aims to reduce the pressures on health and care services while also improving the quality of life of the Scottish population in both urban and rural communities.

Commitment to digital participation:

We are committed to digital participation through our work to upskill the health and care workforce in Scotland.

Support offered:

We are working with the Higher Education establishments in Scotland to ensure that those involved in health and care in Scotland have the skills that they will need to ensure that health and care moves foward in particular with regards to digital health and care innovations.

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Twitter: @dhiscotland