Crookston Community Group

Organisation statement:

CCG was set up as there is a high amount of deprivation in the local community.our services make sure local people in our community get to access free food whenever they need help.Our food bank helps feed up to 500 families a week. Our activities are based around food and we promote healthy eating in all our classes.We show how to recycle left over food so it does not go to landfill, we are trying to cater for children to be fed daily ie summer clubs and weekend activities.

Commitment to digital participation:

We will run classes to ensure our service users are able to engage in a digital age and access essential services such as benefit provision, employability skill, job search as well as fun activities including social media.

Support offered:

CCG will help service users/customers to develop their digital skills to access essential everyday services ie:- job search, social media, benefit search

Support wanted:

The current staff has developed partnership with the local college. The local college will provide a digital tutor to develop the skills that service users will require to access essential public services, as well as participate in the digital age.

Third Sector category: Community, Social or Economic Development