Bipolar Scotland

Organisation statement:

We provide support to people in Scotland affected by Bipolar Disorder via information, peer support groups, self management training and awareness raising.

Commitment to digital participation:

We will commit to increasing the reach of bipolar self management support to our community by developing this through the digitalisation of training and self-help groups. In doing so, we as an organisation will build on our digital skills and develop those of our community.

Support offered:

• Use digitisation as a method for actively engaging community members in developing digital skills through online self-management training and an online support group
• Develop the necessary skill base within the community to maintain and sustain a lasting digital resource.
• Use skill exchange and training between community members to engage the community with the archive and share skills
• Use the process as a learning experience which promotes the participation of members and the wider community;
• Increase our audiences steadily and set targets for future growth;
• Increase audience engagement with the resources and programmes online.

Support wanted:

Our staff have a fairly basic knowledge and are learning, but expertise and advice would help.

Third Sector category: Health