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Yorbl Ltd

 Signed 2 months ago

One of our core, driving beliefs is that of all the uses technology can be put to, the improvement of people's lives has to be the most important. As both a provider of free, high-speed wireless broadband to people and communities across the UK,…  Read more

Kilmarnock Community Sports Trust

 Signed 2 months ago

We are committed to ensuring digital participation across all programmes our charity offers as well as allowing participants or people involved with Kilmarnock Community Sports Trust to be able engage with us using digital platforms.  Read more

Highland Homeless Trust (Gateway)

 Signed 2 months ago

We commit to upskilling our staff in their digital abilities.  Read more

Skills Exchange SCIO

 Signed 2 months ago

Digital Skills are embedded into all our activities and we also provide additional tailored support and training to participants if needed.  Read more

Scottish Seniors Computer Clubs - Falkirk

 Signed 6 months ago

Our club's commitment is to provide a facility that allows older people in the local community easy access to support to help them learn to use digital services.  Read more

Intercultural Youth Scotland

 Signed 8 months ago

We work every day to help our young people and youth workers overcome intersectional barriers. Digital skills are a critical part of that work both in terms of life and work skills. Through our employability initiative, Restless Natives, we discover…  Read more

Giraffe Healthcare CIC

 Signed 8 months ago

We commit to ensuring that our staff and users have the opportunity to develop their digital skills and will support them in achieving this by providing tools and training  Read more

The Bridges Programmes

 Signed 8 months ago

We aim to to incorporate the eight essential employability skills - technology, positive attitude, communication, teamwork, self-management, willingness to learn, resilience and thinking skills into our assessments, classes and modular units.  Read more

The Wise Group

 Signed 9 months ago

We will encourage the people of Glasgow to develop their digital skill by delivering learning to communities and particularly to those people who have been marginalised in the digital era. We will drive the use of digital skills by ensuring people ar…  Read more

Team Jak Foundation

 Signed 10 months ago

To ensure we upskill all our staff and give our families digital opportunities within Jak's Den and provide support through online vessels also  Read more