WorkFlo Solutions Scotland Ltd

 Signed 2 years ago

Sector: Private Sector

Organisation statement:

Workflo solutions are a true Scottish Managed Print, Document Management, Digitisation, IT services, and business telecoms organisation.

Commitment to digital participation:

Workflo Solutions is committed to supporting digital inclusion and reducing digital poverty across Scotland. We are committed to promoting digital participation and basic digital skills through our community benefits programme and have committed resources to support the Digital Champions scheme through Connecting Scotland. We plan on further work with West Lothian Council crisis unit, and higher education establishments to help minimise the number of young people, and adults, who are unable to access digital technologies such as computers, tablets, and the internet.

Support offered:

Four of our staff members will be trained as Digital Champions to help empower and support individuals to better understand and utilise technology. In addition to this, we will endeavour to assist communities to access digital technologies, such as computers, tablets and the internet by working with our supply chain to donate reconditioned devices where possible.

Support wanted:

Whilst we are particularly strong in the digital space due to our sector, we find that we are constantly learning as new digital technologies appear, readiness of information on new services and solutions would be very helpful.