Organisation statement:

Rotary are 'community service' volunteers, providing support locally; nationally and internationally in 5 service avenues - 'Youth'; 'Community'; 'Vocational'; 'International' and 'club' service - we also have our own Charity, The Rotary Foundation, which supports projects in 6 areas of focus - 'basic education'; 'maternal and child health'; 'water and sanitation'; 'disease treatment and prevention'; 'peace and conflict resolution and prevention'; 'economic and community development'

Commitment to digital participation:

To encourage all our Rotarians to become more digitally aware; to encourage others in the community, with whom we interact, to become more digitally aware.

Support offered:

Digital insights and use of technology to participate in information sharing

Support wanted:

Young digitally aware and skilled volunteers, who can help Rotary become a force for good in the future, through the use of digital technology.