Wardman UK

 Signed 6 months ago


Private Sector category: IT & Telecommunications

Organisation statement:

Empowering organisations with technology.

Wardman UK are a team of industry experts working together to improve and empower our clients with technology, IT and telecoms. We deliver resilient, lean infrastructure that scales supported by a team of applauded engineers and support staff.

From advanced AI powered cyber security to our own mobile network we are on hand to help you achieve more.

Commitment to digital participation:

We will work with our team, clients and partners to empower themselves to achieve more with IT. Our team will frequently visit exhibitions, seminars and trade events to stay abreast of all things IT and tech and digest this information for the benefit of our clients, we will achieve industry and regulatory body accreditations demonstrating our technical skill but our ability to upskill our clients and their users.

Support offered:

We have a team full of experts with a broad range of knowledge who are on hand to help our clients. We offer training at our premises for our clients, from office application skills to in depth business process analysis. In addition we will send mailshots, meet on site and offer training to our clients wherever required.