Voluntary Action Orkney

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Third Sector category: Community, Social or Economic Development

Organisation statement:

VAO is Orkney's third sector interface. Our aim is to ensure that Orkney has sustainable, resilient, inclusive communities with a thriving third sector at their heart. We promote and support volunteering and the development and sustainability of the community and voluntary sector in Orkney We provide a range of capacity building and practical services to community and voluntary organisations and facilitate volunteering opportunities. We are committed to and facilitate cross-sector networking and collaboration through effective communication, events and networking opportunitieis. VAO is a formal partner in the Orkney Partnership Board, the Integration Joint Board and a number of other local partnerships so ensuring the views and interests of the local sector and those they work with are included in plans and strategies.

Commitment to digital participation:

We will work with partners to promote and enhance digital skills training, continue to deliver activities to raise awareness of the use of digital solutions in the delivery of health and social care and promote and support the digital champions network

Voluntary Action Orkney has been supported by the Charter Fund

Digital Confidence

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Many of our young people are economically disadvantaged as well as facing other barriers. First, we want to make sure they are digitally connected and have no financial barriers in accessing opportunities. However, over this past year we have found many of our young people are unable or lack the mo… Read more

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