Organisation statement:

We carry out work to advance education and learning, primarily further and higher education. We also provide training in skills of all kinds and to individuals, community groups and local businesses. This includes developing appropriate courses and learning materials, delivering these courses as well as assessing students if required. We are involved in the advancement of citizenship, community development, wellbeing, social inclusion and digital inclusion. This is done by providing the people of Shetland with the skills, confidence and knowledge to contribute, as well as supporting them to be more involved in their communities, find employment or change careers. This work contributes to preventing and relieving poverty. We collaborate with public bodies and other academic partners of UHI, to advance and support services, strategies, plans and projects to meet the needs of Shetland's population and environment, which includes the advancement of arts, heritage, culture, environmental protection or improvement and science.

Commitment to digital participation:

We are working to support improved digital participation across our community in Shetland.

Support offered:

Shetland UHI will have experienced and qualified lecturers who develop and deliver relevant digital skills to people across Shetland. The digital skills offered will relate to people's day to day inclusion and activities and to digital skills required for employment, qualification and participation in community events and activities.

Support wanted:

We would love to hear from others involved in identifying digital skills needs of individuals and groups.