Sensory Impaired Support Group (S.I.S.G.)

 Signed 3 months ago

Third Sector category: Health

Sensory Impaired Support Group (S.I.S.G.)

Organisation statement:

Our charity provides free services for Older People who struggle with age related Hearing and/or Sight Loss throughout Ayrshire

Commitment to digital participation:

We make the commitment to aid our client group better manage their digital hearing aids and related support equipment that aid them with their quality of life and reduce isolation and loneliness

Support offered:

We are offering digital hearing aid workshops in Ayr and Crosshouse Hospitals. We also have a Resource & Information centre open to the public where individuals can try out digital assistive equipment and technology in relation to sensory loss.

Support wanted:

For our older clients it would be about reducing the anxiety and fear of going online and setting up e-mail / facebook etc.