Madras Family Centre

 Signed 3 years ago

Sector: Public Sector

Organisation statement:

Madras is a family centre on the outskirts of Glasgow. We provide care and education for children aged 2-5.

Commitment to digital participation:

Staff are being supported in their digital literacy, with some staff taking on training then using this training to support other staff with technology. Children are being supported in using technology for play and learning, both at the nursery and at home (especially over lockdown). Families are being supported in becoming more confident in using technology and in supporting their child's learning on the computer.

Support offered:

Compiling a list of resources and handbooks for different devices/apps/websites that will support staff in using technology, ensure staff know where to find this list to help them become more confident. Place a bigger emphasis on learning through technology on the playroom floor, give children more opportunities to access computers/toys that will help them develop their confidence in technology and their digital literacy. Ensure parents and families know who they can turn to when looking for support to access these resources or carry out certain activities at home.