Irvine Community Sports Club

 Signed 4 years ago

Third Sector category: Community, Social or Economic Development

Organisation statement:

We are a Community Sports Club, which has wellbeing at the heart of everything it does. This includes mental, physical, emotional, social and digital wellbeing. We run assistance services to help people gain experience and skills in using digital media. We also have a 24 hour gym, 27 acres of land in which outdoor sports are played and social areas and activities on offer.

Commitment to digital participation:

We make a commitment to reach more people within our community and further to include them in bettering their skills in use of technology and safely navigating their way in the digital world.

Support offered:

At present we offer Microsoft certified training courses as well as in house training courses. We will expand this through registering to become digital champions to gain more resources to further expand our services. We currently provide online safety courses, using Microsoft Office, social media and online banking training.

Support wanted:

Any additional training for staff to help deliver these services is always welcome and we continually look to keep our skills renewed.