Organisation statement:

GoodCall is a Social Enterprise that provides high quality digital resource to the third sector at an affordable price. As well as the hardware, GoodCall staff will support implementation and use of the equipment for the lifetime of the partnership. This includes outreach/virtual support to help get equipment set up and understood; support with training and troubleshooting problems; and ongoing reviews of the resource to ensure organisations have what meets their individual needs.

The financial savings, as well as the enhanced digital resource, means that third sector organisations can improve their service delivery and improve outcomes for their community of interest.

As a social enterprise, any profit we achieve is re-distributed into the charities we work with to help them deliver their services, and to create sustainable employment for individuals furthest from the job market.

Commitment to digital participation:

At GoodCall we commit to our digitally skilled staff supporting our third sector partners to have equal access to affordable, high quality digital resource that they will be able to use to improve delivery of their services. Not only will we advocate on their behalf to ensure they get a fair deal with networks, we will also provide them with training and support throughout the lifetime of our partnership so they can fully utilise the digital resource. Further still, we will regularly review use of their devices and data to ensure they aren't paying for more than they need.

Support offered:

In the next 12 months we would like to support 100 third sector organisations to access affordable digital resource (handsets, line rental, data). Acting on behalf of the charities we will ensure that the charities get a high-quality resource from the networks, that they can fully utilise with a bespoke support package from GoodCall. Each charity will see savings of up to 40% of their current contract which they will be able to funnel straight into their service.

Support wanted:

We understand that charities have strong trusting relationships with one another, and that the recommendation from another charity is critical to engagement with us. We are asking Third Sector organisations to help raise awareness of GoodCall with their partners.