Creative Crieff

 Signed 3 years ago

Third Sector category: Culture and Recreation

Organisation statement:

Creative Crieff is a charity serving young people and the wider community in Strathearn and Strathallan. We are a social impact organisation using music, film and the creative arts as tools for change and empowerment.

Commitment to digital participation:

We work both at Radio Earn, our youth led community radio station and out in our communities with digital resources to help connect and empower people of all ages. We balance our programme delivery across spheres of participation including digital and face to face, incorporating specialist resources and training as part of our offer.

Support offered:

We work with our community through deep impact participatory work in music, film and the creative arts. Our new community radio station Radio Earn offers the chance to develop technical and digital skills, or engage with the community through digital participation, both at its home in Crieff, out in the community through our participatory work and online.

Support wanted:

We work in partnership with organisations hoping to achieve social impact. We are open to working with any individual or organisation sharing our values for empowerment and change through accessing high quality arts and culture. Others may help us by providing access to a particular group of people, providing funds, digital resources or equipment, training, or helping us devise and design new digital offerings with the community we serve.

Creative Crieff has been supported by the Charter Fund

Your Voice @ Radio Earn

 Funding provided 2 years ago

Your Voice will be a project working with the residents and users of 8 care homes in PH5, PH6 and PH7. The aim of our project is to engage the senior people in our community with our brand-new online community radio station – Radio Earn; and to build skills in recording themselves using digital tech… Read more

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