Cohesion Medical Ltd.

 Signed 4 years ago

Private Sector category: Health

Organisation statement:

COHESION ® is an award-winning tech start-up with leading-edge Connected Digital Health Solutions. Our integrated health eco-system unifies real-time sensors, patient mobile health applications and specialist clinical software with real-time data analytics for chronic conditions and cancer data management. Our proven solution provides evidence for improved clinical workflow, increased research opportunities and reduced cost of health service provision.

Commitment to digital participation:

COHESION will continue to provide support or additional training where required to ensure all employees have the essential digital and foundation skills required for their roles and responsibilities. We will introduce new digital project management software to improve collaboration and efficiency in project management and agile reporting and provide training for employees. With our increase in use of digital applications and cloud storage we will utilise backup solutions for the security of all our digital assets. We will continue to embrace new digital technology to advance our healthcare solutions. We will launch our new revised website. COHESION will continue our engagement with a range of stakeholders to ensure our interactive digital solutions are accessible to all including language accessibility. COHESION will also continue its commitment with local industry partnership through live client projects supporting and nurturing the young digital design talent of the future.

Support offered:

We will continue to engage with local partners such as FE colleges and Founders4 Schools to nurture and support design talent of the future.

Support wanted:

With hybrid working comes the need to provide portable devices such as laptops but also brings an increase in security risks. Access to funding for digital software such as project management tools or backup applications would be beneficial to ensure increased collaboration but also ensure the protection of assets and data. We are also keen to employ new staff however this also does bring restrictions in providing appropriate digital devices. If there were any additional funding sources available to SMEs that would be very beneficial for both our employees and us as a business.