Aberdeen Foyer

 Signed 6 months ago


Third Sector category: Community, Social or Economic Development

Organisation statement:

The Foyer helps people build confidence and develop their skills and talents to make major and lasting changes in their lives.

We provide accommodation with support to former homeless and at risk young people.

We deliver linked up services - education, training, mentoring, counselling, employment support and health improvement initiatives to people of all ages.

Commitment to digital participation:

We will support our staff & volunteers to help others learn essential digital skills and embrace digital tools. We will support a common language based on digital participation and essential digital skills to make our thinking and actions as clear as possible

We will channel our efforts through the Digital Participation programme so that our activities are coordinated and build on each other.

Support offered:

We offer free access to all individuals of all ages wishing to develop their digital skills. Support is offered to those who need to update their skills to enable them to job search in the digital age, set up email accounts and Universal Jobmatch accounts as well as other support around the Welfare Reform agenda. We can offer a bespoke individualised training plan based around aspirations and needs. We offered in-house accreditation as well as SQA accredited training

Our services are currently available in Aberdeenshire, Fraserburgh and Peterhead