Aberdeen City Health and Social Care Partnership

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Sector: Public Sector

Organisation statement:

Aberdeen City Council (ACC) and NHS Grampian (NHSG) delegate a wide range of adult health and social care services to Aberdeen City Health & Social Care Partnership (ACHSCP). The services we deliver aim to meet a wide variety of needs. The overarching aim of ACHSCP is to provide integrated services which improve people's health and wellbeing. We take into account the national integration principles so we will ensure our services will be provided in ways which are: Joined up and easy for people to access Take account of people's individual needs Take account of the particular characteristics and circumstances of different service users in different parts of the city Respect the rights and dignity of service users Take account of the participation by service users in the community in which service users live Protect and improve the safety of service users Improves the quality of the service Are planned and led locally for the benefit of service users, people who look after service users and the people who provide health or social care services Anticipate people's needs and prevent them arising *Make the best use of facilities, people and resources

Commitment to digital participation:

Digital technology is key to transforming our health and social care services across ACHSCP so that we can be truly person-centred,enabling and effective. We appreciate that it is easy to get frustrated at what appears to be a lack of progress in introducing digital solutions, especially when technology plays such a central part in our lives in so many other ways. There are significant opportunities to introduce digital solutions across all sectors and services. In developing our digital transformation, we are linking closely with the work that both NHS Grampian and Aberdeen City Council are undertaking to reduce duplication of effort, achieve better value for money and join up systems where appropriate.

Support offered:

We aspire to reach a point when digital services are an integral part of everything we do and have become not only the first point of contact with health and care services for many people but also how they will choose to continue to engage with us. We will adopt a 'Think TEC' approach and promote the NES digital educational resources with our staff in the first instance.

Support wanted:

We would like to learn from others and share our learning and best practice.